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Mr. Webb is a retired law enforcement professional turned life coach/ youth advocate.  Leonard is also an adjunct faculty member teaching Criminal Justice at Potomac State College of West Virginia University.  He offers a unique perspective about the School to Prison Pipeline as well as solutions.  He has seen both ends of the pipeline.  He has seen young people enter his office in prison and young people with similar demographics enter his college classroom.  This led him to find out, “Why ?”.   

He learned those students who drop out of school exit the school door.  They take to the streets, away from any structure, probably away from any responsible adults, looking for something but not knowing exactly what.  It doesn’t take long before they follow the prison pipeline.  Some don’t drop out but they are involved in school discipline.  Due to zero tolerance policies and being identified as “at risk” they are sent to alternative schools or court programs which are set up like prisons.  Young people then become numb to this and prison does not appear to be a different journey and gains them “street cred”.  

Leonard’s hope is to highlight the pressing need for addressing these issues and ending the pipeline to prison.  He provides coaching and strategies to young people to break this cycle and focus on academic success and resilience.  He consults and trains educators with strategies to help identify “proven risk” students which leads to early intervention.  

 He experienced great success battling recidivism in the prison population.  He has helped thousands of men end the cycle of incarceration and lead productive lives.  After working with several local schools, he decided that he would use his gifts to help young people stay out of prison while continuing to work with correctional institutions to change the lives of incarcerated people.  

Leonard is a Certified Extreme Execution Coach with Eric Thomas and Associates, Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified, Adjunct Faculty at Potomac State College of West Virginia University and uses his training to help youth and adults with understanding their behavioral triggers, true self, strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and personal preferences. 


k-12 School Students, Universities, Colleges, Juvenile Detention Facilities, Correctional Institutions


School Bullying, Self Esteem, Substance Abuse Prevention, ACES and Trauma, 
Overcoming Adversity, Life Planning

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