Leonard R. Webb Jr.

Extreme Execution Coach

What is Paradigm Shift Coaching?  

A paradigm is a mental setting. It is the context inside your mind from which you think, feel and live. Your paradigm determines what you hold onto, mentally and emotionally. Most of us hold onto paradigms that keep us stuck mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.  

We often look at what we don’t have, live in a lack mindset, or focus on our weaknesses.  What would it look like if you spent all that time focusing on your strengths?  Paradigm Shift Coaching is like turning a light on or having a clearer vision of the way you solve problems, your personality style, your behavioral preferences, and your natural and adaptive style.  I help you unleash what is already there and use your gifts and strengths rather than be distracted from your talents.  

Shine in the areas that you should and create the impact that you want.  What are your gifts? How do you get to use them?  How do you feel when you live in your gifts?  I am proud to be Extreme Execution Certified by Eric Thomas and Associates and have the ability to help others reach their fullest potential.  Reach out below and start living in your gifts.  


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