Finding Your Purpose

This dynamic program shares his experience of limited expectations.  The process to courage and healing. This presentation is perfect for students who are struggling with academic performance and peer relationships. The audience gains strategies to empowering themselves with the confidence necessary for success.

Wealth Mindset

This focuses on teaching participants how much mindset matters. This focuses on what the participants want out life and not focusing on what others expect because often that reflects their limits and not yours. Recognizing fears and standing up to long standing beliefs that were never true. This is perfect for people who are facing work, school, personal, work, and or relationship adversities.

Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

This training introduces the unacquainted to the issue and helps to give the familiar the tools for advocacy.  Attendees are led through thought provoking exercises to prompt reflection and conversation.  

Cradle to College

The most important way that we can dismantle the school to prison pipeline is by ending interruptions for children as it relates to their education.  If we keep our children in school and on a pathway for higher education this takes them off the prison pipeline.  This program focuses on creating equity leaders by examining self/beliefs and current practices and policies.  

Client Testimonials

Educators, K-12 schools, universities, and institutions across the country request Leonard because of his experience, trust, knowledge, and his sincere approach that his brand represents.